Silvia Marchetti Photo & Team


Born in Italy and raised in Mexico, I live in Playa del Carmen since 2007. My professional background is Turism Administration with specialty on Marketing, and at some point, my Street, Nature and Landscape photography passion lead me to professional Photo.

Wheneaver I am behind the camera, everything transforms in front of me, and I see the beauty in every detail. Time seems to stop and to have no menaning for me and for my clients... is just the potential sense of beauty that any type of scene has to show for itself. 

From weddings to groups, family & kids session, to product, business, travel and leisure, as well as architecture and decorative photo, I love being present to create beautiful memories in complicity with my clients, who happen most of the time, to become friends. 

Working eventually with Elizabeth García Photography as partner in E&S Photography, as well as with Colectivo Fotográfico at Riviera Maya, a group of 6 professional photographers for major projects.

You are very welcome, and I hope you enjoy the experience of my captured view of the world and it souls!